6 Ideas That Will Make Your Team Send Better Photos

There’s no advertising without pictures. There is simply no such animal.

Your activity may be outstanding. You may have produced a stunning event. You may well have made an impact. But if you didn’t take any photos – marketing-wise it is like you did nothing.

One of the biggest difficulties for nonprofits and organizations is obtaining photos. Usually, we don’t really have the budget (or time) to send a photographer to document field activities. So if we want to publish something – we depend on our staff.

Here of course the problem. For the most part, the staff members are terribly busy. After all, they are the ones who make sure that your activity is carried out. They also do not always remember to take pictures.

If so, the importance of the matter is not always clear to them. And most importantly – even when they do take pictures, not everyone knows how to take pictures. Nothing sucks more than hearing about an amazing activity but realizing that there is no way to advertise it.

So here are some ideas that will make your team send better photos:

1. Explain the “Rule of Thirds”.

Ask the team to enable the Grid setting in their camera applications. This way they will be able to frame the pictures they take. Here is a cute blog post that explains what the rule of thirds is.

On iPhones, launch the Settings app from the Home screen. Click on “Photos and Camera”. Need to scroll down a bit to find. Tap the switch next to “Grid” to turn it on. It’s about halfway, below the camera section.

On Android, open the camera app, then go to settings, and then activate the Gridlines.

Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds

2. Examples

Give the team samples of the photos you like and those you don’t. This is especially important if you are looking for proper Instagram photos.

3. Color

The things you photograph tend to be quite banal (e.g. photos of your office)? Encourage people to include in the image an object with eye-catching color. Even something as simple as a redshirt or a purple folder. This can enhance the effect of the image on the viewer.

Some prominent color will enhance banal images
Some prominent color will enhance banal images

4. Reminders

Do you need a staff member to take pictures at the event, but are afraid that he may be too busy and forget? Make it a calendar item. That is, invite him to a “meeting” with the title “Take pictures of the event.” That way he will get the reminder at the right time. Of course, this only works if staff members regularly pay attention to calendar alerts.

5. Ask for info in advance

Maybe the staff members are good at submitting photos, but not at giving details?

In this case, create a simple template form to fill in the information you normally need. It can also help them figure out to whom or where to send the photos. Of course, you should always ask a question or two about where the photo was taken, and who appears in it.

6. Categorize

If you do not always know whether to share the photo immediately or not, ask the staff to tag the photo according to usage. The best division is: “immediately”, “soon” or “evergreen” (always good to use).

Do you have any more ideas? Please do share.