5 Methods to Increase Your Non-Profit’s Mailing Lists Through Facebook

If you are like most non-profit organizations, Facebook is your main social network to interact with your community and to increase awareness.

But, like most nonprofits, Facebook is probably also a serious source of frustration for you.

The main problem is of course the constant decline in the reach of organic publications. It is no longer easy to reach your Facebook supporters, even if you have tens of thousands of followers on the business page.

But here’s the thing: Facebook (and Instagram) is where most of your supporters hang out. There they talk about what they care about. You must be a part of this discourse, but it should not stop there.

If you interact with Facebook supporters, but do not invite them to join your mailing lists, your marketing strategy is not perfect. It’s like building a house on rented land.

How important is it to communicate by email? Very.

  1. A mailing list is a marketing asset that you own and control.
  2. Email contacts have more commitment. They have allowed you to take up valuable space in their inbox, which means a lot more than “Like” on Facebook
  3. A good analysis of the data through the mailing lists helps you understand which topics concern your supporters and who is interested in these topics.
  4. The segmentation that can be done through emails is a superpower! Email allows you to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Facebook cannot customize in such a specific way.
  5. Email converts more online donations. Email conversion rates consistently dwarf those of Facebook by about 4 times.

So how do you use Facebook to expand your organization’s mailing list?

Use the features of a Facebook page

Make joining a list simple and easy with the default features of a Facebook page. for example:

  • Add a call-to-action button: People who visit your page will see the button prominently displayed below the cover (on the desktop and mobile).
  • Add a sign-up link in the brief description of your page.
  • Use the cover image: Create a cover that visually recognizes joining the list, including a link in the image description.

Market the marketing

Introduce the value of joining your list. The value should exceed the hassle involved in joining. “Join our mailing list” does not exactly convey value (who needs more emails?). “Join the community” at least suggests the value of belonging.

In addition, note the benefits of joining. Things like news, action alerts, helpful and timed resources, impact stories, etc.

Make it simple

When someone decides to join your mailing list, you will make joining as easy as possible. Removing the need to fill in a name and email is one way to do that.

The ‘Lead Ads’ option (within your Facebook page) pre-populates users’ information, making joining your list as easy as clicking “Like”. Yes, you will need to invest in Facebook ads to use this feature. But, the purchase cost can be much lower than a landing page with bad conversion.

Market with various attractions

If your monthly newsletter is the only attraction you have to offer, increasing your list will reach a point of declining returns. E-book offers, calls to action, or petitions create the variety you need for steady growth in long-term lists.

Invest the money (when possible)

Once you develop a list-building strategy, invest more in Facebook ads. Again, most people will not see your organic content. One of the best strategies for building lists is to create a “look-alike” audience based on your current list subscribers.

The Bottom Line

Facebook is a great place to connect with your community. But do not stop there. Instead, invite supporters to join your mailing lists where you can deepen your ties with them.

Got more ideas? Please share.