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Tamir Shatz - Founder of Impacting Social

Hey! You have reached the “Impacting Social” website! A blog that deals with marketing strategies for social sector organizations.

My name is Tamir Shatz. I am a marketer, an advertising professional, and an export of digital platforms.

Recently, I’ve decided that it was worthwhile to share with the public (or those who are interested) the knowledge I have gained in areas that professionals usually do not bother to talk about – Non-Profits.

The world of professional marketing is full of examples for advertising a business brand:
To market a brand like Coca-Cola? – happily!
Finding innovative branding for a high-tech company – no problem!

Promoting a program that deals with loneliness among the older population … a little more complicated, right?

None of the marketers (and certainly non of the digital marketers) talk about the difficulties. What are the emphases that a marketer should pay attention to when it comes to non-profit organizations? What should be advertised? And how? On what platforms?

So, is marketing for non-profits like any other marketing? – I’m here to discuss this.

Do you have any thoughts? Want to share difficulties? Want to connect? Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

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